Areas of Expertise

Roadway Signage

HSD has extensive Prime Contractor experience installing both monotube and cord based sign structures on limited access facilities and arterial roadways.  These installations include the design and implementation of complex maintenance of traffic plans as well as detailed installation plans to accommodate limited lane access and/or specific work time constraints.  Many of these structures include the installation of Dynamic Message Signs (DMS) that are subsequently integrated into information network installed by HSD.

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HSD provides both permanent and temporary roadway lighting on projects that range from aerial fed barrier mounted systems to arrays of high mast towers used to illuminate major interchanges.  In addition to installation, HSD’s responsibilities on these projects frequently include the sizing of electrical conductors and transformers and the construction of the electrical load centers.

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Guardrail/Cable Rail

For years, HSD has been a leader in the installation of guardrail and cable rail barriers throughout Florida.  HSD served as Prime Contractor in the installation of over 80 miles of median guardrail in the most extensive and aggressive project of this type ever undertaken in Florida.  This project required the coordination of over two hundred employees and subcontract workers working around the clock.  The work was comleted in record time.  HSD has also designed and installed both cable and traditional barrier systems on all of the major highway systems in Florida.

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Traffic Signals

HSD is recognized for our status as a leader in traffic signal installation.  This reputation is supported by our work throughout Florida and our knowledge of the traffic operating systems in the various municipalities.  Our technical expertise, vendor relationships and inventory of both new and temporary materials, makes us a favorite for solving both small and large problems for our clients.

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HSD is an industry leader in the installation of Freeway Management Systems (FMS) throughout Florida.  These Prime Contract projects have included design, installation and integration.  The scope of these projects typically utilizes several of HSD’s core competencies including the design and installation of sign structures, fiber optic communications networks, closed circuit cameras, vehicle detectors, highway advisory radios and VoIP communication grids.

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Design Build

HSD’s design build experience encompasses the full range of our services including: ITS, Signing, Guardrail, Lighting and Signalization.  HSD has successfully completed many of the major design build projects across the state including: I-75 IROX, I-95 Northern 3 Counties, Manatee ATMS, Charlotte County ATMS, and I-75 Median Guardrail.

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