Company Background

Founded in 1991, Highway Safety Devices is an industry leader in the installation of traffic control devices throughout Florida.  HSD is a Florida Certified Electrical Contractor and holds a Certificate of Qualification with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) in the areas of Computerized Traffic Control, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Traffic Signals, Electrical Work, Roadway Signing and Guardrail.

1979104_434629406680428_264566869_oHSD’s background includes not only extensive work with the state governments, but also with county governments, cities, and special assessment authorities.  HSD has worked on airports, railroads, water ports, and in the private sector providing street lighting, signage, and signalizations.  HSD has successfully completed projects working as a Specialty Subcontractor, a Prime Contractor, a Design-Build Contractor, and as a participant on a Design-Build Finance project.  HSD has full-service offices in Tampa (Corporate Headquarters) and Orlando and has a primary focus of business in FDOT districts 1, 5, and 7.

FDOT Construction Districts FDOT Construction Districts

Contract durations usually range from six months to three years in length, depending upon the size and complexity.